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Always Building on our Reputation Mail: Barn conversion Renovating and refurbishing an old dilapidated barn - Hallow

The brief was simple, to convert an old agricultural barn into a habitable dwelling whist maintaining the charm of an old 350 year old timber framed building dating from the seventeenth century.  The interior was completely gutted with a change of use from an agricultural “shed” necessitating a concentrated and detailed conversion inside.  Wherever possible original features were retained and where new dividing walls were added, this was done in keeping with the old traditional construction methods of the time i.e. pegged oak beams.  The old hayloft ladders were incorporated into the design as were some of the timber dividers

Interior shot showing the additional oak beams fitted to support the upper structure and maintain the original methods of constructing the building.

Wherever possible original beams were retained or repaired and spliced throughout the build.

Re tiling the roof onto new battens using re claimed tiles, the pitch denotes the original roof would have been thatched.

The build was undertaken in 2007 and completed in that year.

The end result is a modern interior with all modern facilities and a very pleasing and preserved historical exterior.