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Always Building on our Reputation Mail: Refurbishment and stone extension Natural stone extension and refurbishment - Broughton Hackett

This was an extension to an existing mid eighteenth century building to increase the internal space of the building and also renovate and refurbish the interior.  The exterior walls used a sympathetic stone, the windows were manufactured by a local joinery company from oak, as was the replacement internal staircase and the roof tiles used were reclaimed tiles to match the original roof.  The garden and patio received a makeover as well and was redesigned and finished by local garden designer and landscaper, Keyscape.

The lead flashings around the eaves that can be seen on the photos, hides the rainwater harvesting system incorporated into the design.

The build was undertaken in 2008 and completed in December of that year.

The finished extension, all in keeping with the age and original design of the building.

The gable windows were clad in lead to maintain the ageless feel of the new aspect of the building.

Modern insulation and materials are used to ensure the extension retains the maximum amount of internal heat by being thermally efficient whilst retaining the pleasing aesthetic natural blue lias stone of the exterior.

Part of the brief was to replace the old windows with locally made replacements, crafted from oak, to match the buildings age and remain sympathetic to its overall location.