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Always Building on our Reputation Mail: Miscellaneous projects A selection of specialised projects

GSI Melgrove are often involved in smaller, more specialised projects that do not quite fit the recognised “builder” categories, we are happy to undertake any job no matter what the size or complexity shown below.   From excavating a substantial natural pond to be used as a natural swimming pool, to constructing a landing stage for water transport to moor, complex patios and decking to finally a water harvesting system storing our not insubstantial rain fall for use on the garden.


These projects are fairly recent and represent a sample of this type of work, often in conjunction with a larger project.

Extensive supported timber frame constructed as the base for a complicated wooden decking scheme.

The large storage tank is sited prior to eventually being buried underground ready to save the collected natural rainwater.

Excavation works for a natural pond and swimming pool., working alongside Keyscape.

Landing stage for mooring.  Built and assembled from a barge on the river which presented a few unique issues, water being one!