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Always Building on our Reputation Mail: Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Offices Courthouse

Old mediaeval timber framed court house located at Shelsley Walsh with the earliest parts of the building dating from the 14th century was badly infected with extensive dry rot so this was not just a renovation but a full scale rescue project to save the building from further and irreparable damage building saved from further decay.

Extensive damage through out to the timbers affected with dry rot meant urgent and extensive remedial action was required.

Refurbishment of the adjacent offices, located in a later barn, building for the MAC (Midlands Automobile Club).  Included replacement natural finished oak windows and doors.

Replacement oak timbers, treated and good for another few hundred years, replacing those afflicted with dry rot.

Extensive refurbishment to the offices  of the MAC adjacent to the Courthouse involving bespoke oak doors and windows.

MAC Offices

A fantastic example of an early mediaeval high status building formerly used as a courthouse. The earliest parts dating from the 14th century.